Author: Ewen Sinclair

Black the Fall – A Suspense Drenched Soundtrack

Evermoon Music studio is proud to announce further musical developments in Sand Sailor Studio’s dark and sinister video game Black the Fall. After years of experimentation with abusing metal objects and forcing huge string sections to strangle their instruments I developed a sound palette riddled with suspense, darkness and oppression (with a hint of dubstep!) If you […]

Black the Fall Soundtrack Excerpts

Some samples of the music from Sand Sailor Studio’s dark video game – Black the Fall. The music that I created for this sinister game relied heavily upon warping traditional timbres. The inclusion of dub-step melodies and beats occurred in order to represent the industrial elements of the game that permeate the story throughout.

Chiptune Demos

A selection of 8-bit chiptune pieces produced for retro gaming platforms. The examples were created using NES emulating VSTs engineered by Tweakbench. I have fond memories of C64 gaming when I was a child and love the simplicity of chiptune wave forms.

Demo Reel

A demo reel created to showcase my versatility as a composer and producer of music for any avenue. I tried to summarise what I can create within 6 minutes in order to give potential clients a chance to hear what can be achieved. I look forward to hearing from you!

Angry Goats Soundtrack Teaser

A selection of the music that I produced for the video game Angry Goats. The music heard is a fusion of orchestral and synthesised instruments that represent emotions ranging from curiosity to fear.

Angry Goats

I am proud to announce that Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Mad Reactor in order to develop the soundtrack for the thrilling, action packed mobile game Angry Goats. Orchestral timbres entwine with synths and experimental instruments to enhance the action and get gamer pulses racing! I will release some excerpts soon to tantalize your ear drums! […]

Siege Warfare

Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Iron Maul Entertainment for a kick-starter campaign to further develop the collectible card game Siege Warfare. The trailer produced for the release features original music by Evermoon Music Studio and includes ancient Persian and Grecian instruments set against a modern orchestral backdrop. You are a battle hardened general. Your mission is […]

Rhythm Workout 2

Rhythm Workout 2 was created to improve the rhythm, listening skills and sight reading of students from the age of 7 to 9. The interactive PowerPoint presentation provides the user with 15 age relevant rhythms that feature single bars, double bars, crotchets (quarters), semibreves (wholes), minims (halves), paired quavers (eighths) and crotchet rests. Each example […]

Shootout in the West Preview

Music from the soon to be released Shootout in the West video game. I hope you enjoy listening to this short teaser that blends orchestral timbres with a full rock band and synthesizers!