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Black the Fall – A Suspense Drenched Soundtrack

Evermoon Music studio is proud to announce further musical developments in Sand Sailor Studio’s dark and sinister video game Black the Fall. After years of experimentation with abusing metal objects and forcing huge string sections to strangle their instruments I developed a sound palette riddled with suspense, darkness and oppression (with a hint of dubstep!) If you […]

Angry Goats

I am proud to announce that Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Mad Reactor in order to develop the soundtrack for the thrilling, action packed mobile game Angry Goats. Orchestral timbres entwine with synths and experimental instruments to enhance the action and get gamer pulses racing! I will release some excerpts soon to tantalize your ear drums! […]

Siege Warfare

Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Iron Maul Entertainment for a kick-starter campaign to further develop the collectible card game Siege Warfare. The trailer produced for the release features original music by Evermoon Music Studio and includes ancient Persian and Grecian instruments set against a modern orchestral backdrop. You are a battle hardened general. Your mission is […]

Devon Life – January 2016

I recently discussed my musical adventures with Devon Life magazine who were kind enough to publish my thoughts in their January edition. The article can be found at You can also find the article by click the link below:

Dan Abelow – Expandiverse

It is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of a very special project created in conjunction with American inventor, technology consultant, speaker and author Dan Abelow. This project included seven long pieces that enhance the content of each videos: Three video series: Digital Transformation found at 1. Destination: Transformed World 2025 (2:16) 2. Strategy […]

Dartmoor Magazine – Winter 2015

I recently discussed the power of music across the moorland with Kari McGowan of Dartmoor Magazine. You can read the article by clicking the link below:

Plymouth Herald – November 2015

Head on over to the Plymouth Herald website to read a story about my musical journey and the release of Tales of the Moorland IV – Journey to Yellowmead Down. Alternatively you can open a PDF version of the article as featured in the paper below:

British Folk Music Piece

British folk music has always been an area of passion and interest for me. As well as a new Dartmoor inspired piece set for release soon I am also working on a 3rd British melody arrangement for alto saxophone and harpsichord. It is great to find new inspiration from my home country after picking up […]

Inspiration from Dartmoor

After returning to my home on Dartmoor I felt compelled and inspired to write some music that alludes to the summer months upon the moorland. The dramatic yet peaceful scenery as well as the legends regarding pixies are currently encouraging me to write music featuring a Celtic harp and various pastoral orchestration. Hopefully this track […]

Assault in the Wild West!

I have just finished working on the OST for a Wild West themed online game with some quirky twists! Once the programming is completed I will release the soundtrack which features an eclectic mix of orchestral, rock and synthesized instruments.