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Black the Fall’s Dark OST

It is with great pleasure that I announce my involvement with the OST for Black the Fall; A dark and disturbing game by Sand Sailor Studio. Check out the website at I hope to post some musical teasers during the Summer of 2015.

Taking Time to Finish Symphony I

I am currently working towards the completion of my first full symphony; a personal project to which I have devoted much time. Currently, the first movement is near completion and the second movement has been sketched out. I am looking forward to finishing the composition and entering the production stage.

The Pastoral Roots of the Approaching Soundscape

I am commencing a wonderful project in collaboration with a Welsh photographer known as Kevin Donovan. After selecting a pastoral photograph from Kevin’s (consistently amazing) portfolio I have begun to compose a piece of music using my ‘soundscape’ model. Unlike the previous, purely electronic soundscapes I hope to create a fusion of orchestral and electronic sounds possibly in the […]