Tales of the Moorland IV – Journey to Yellowmead Down

Upon our rolling, wondrous Dartmoor there rests a down adorned with dancing emerald grass and bronze age granite circles. On a tender summer day as a soft breeze stirs the distant trees and the Meadow Pipit weaves a sweet melody overhead you set down for a picnic and allow these unique surroundings to envelop your senses.

Quite often however, it’s not the awe of the area you choose to rest at but the colourful journey you took to arrive there. I hope that this composition conjures images of such a journey as you listen to the small orchestra (flutes, oboes, horns, timpani, cellos, double basses and violins) headed by a prominent celtic harp. Via the piece’s structure I hope to take you on an exciting journey through an enclosed, mysterious pine wood populated by elusive butterflies. I hope to guide you through turns in the track and a twisting, undulating landscape in the shadow of Sheepstor. I hope to lead you to Yellowmead Down and have you sit among the grass and experience the heart and essence of the moorland’s awe. Most of all I hope that this composition stirs the last memories of summer before they fade through autumn and move to winter.