A Warm Welcome from Ewen Sinclair

Ewen Sinclair is a passionate composer and educator to whom innovation is of paramount importance. Learn more about Ewen Sinclair below, or refer directly to the news, portfolio or music education pages. Please get in touch via Facebook.

Unique, Detailed Composition and Production

Ewen Sinclair’s enthusiasm for the creation of music is evident in every note that he produces. In immersing himself in a project’s story and themes, he is able to create unique music that supercharges emotion. He has written music for avenues such as movies, adverts, popular songs, television shows and video games. Hear examples of sonic diversity by accessing the portfolios.

Innovative Music Education

Ewen Sinclair is an enthusiastic educator who believes that student potential is best fulfilled via empowerment and creative exploration. He possesses experience across every key stage in a number of international environments including Germany, the UAE and China. He continues to develop his own music curriculum, fuelled by a desire to embed musical skills that can be harnessed or adapted in practical, creative contexts. Discover innovation and find free resources on the music education page.