Coming in 2020

Now that Creativity in Context – A Student Driven Music Curriculum has been published, I can once again focus on composition and production. Here are the four main projects that I plan to work on throughout 2020.

1: A video dedicated to the scores that I (sometimes) produce during the composition process.

Scores 2020

2: A soundtrack for the web comic The Legend of the Blue Fox; a story influenced by a fusion of Japanese and Native American folk lore.

Blue Fox 2020

3: A full soundtrack for the short movie Alone in the Distance which is due to be filmed in Ras Al Khaimah during spring.

RAK 2020

4: An exciting and challenging project resurrecting one of my old bands; Chronical Messiah. Can we write and produce new tracks despite the fact that we haven’t played together in over ten years and live 6000 km away from each other?!

Chronical Messiah 2020

All in all, the remainder of 2020 should be a diverse and exciting time for Evermoon Music Studio!