A Creative Curriculum Coming Soon!

I recently took leave from composition and production work to focus on my role as a music teacher and creative arts coordinator. My current goal is the development of a child centred, creative curriculum brimming with adaptable resources.

I have been trialling countless concepts and ideas in my British curriculum school and have finally developed a curriculum with the following focal points:

  • Child centred music sessions with student led projects.
  • An integrated progression of skills, set across performance, composition and musical communication.
  • Empowerment for all types of learners via multi-faceted planning and delivery.
  • Empowerment of personal teaching styles and preferences.
  • Nurturing creativity and exploration.
  • Personal multi-layered differentiation to accommodate all learners.
  • Responsive, evidence based target setting with high expectations.
  • Consideration of student well being and the willingness to be involved.
  • A fast yet highly efficient excel/video assessment tool providing multi-layered feedback that is valuable to inspectors, admin staff, teachers and of course, students.
  • clear and aesthetically pleasing interactive lesson templates, goals and musical direction.
  • Accessibility for music specialists and class teachers.
  • Musical capacity identifiers to aid appropriate provision.
  • Allowing students to succeed in music whether they are a jack of all trades or a master of one!
  • Most importantly… Building a positive relationship between the young people we look after and music.

Everything is close to being in place and I’m really looking forward to sharing this system with you all. You can see some early draft resources below:

I intend to release the creative curriculum as a free, editable resource that you can share, adapt or completely change to suit your pedagogy, demographic, resources, strengths or even subject. Who knows? Maybe the content could even be adapted for maths or PE!

I’m hoping to release the creative curriculum before January as I’m currently busy, refining resources and creating YouTube videos to demonstrate how to use the system.

Thanks for reading and I hope you return to check on progress!