Angry Goats Soundtrack

I am proud to announce that Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Mad Reactor in order to develop the soundtrack for the thrilling, action packed mobile game Angry Goats.

Orchestral timbres entwine with synths and experimental instruments to enhance the action and get gamer pulses racing!

Angry Goats is a fast paced multi directional shoot ’em up coming to mobile platforms. Move with one thumb and fire with the other in the fight against the furious herds!

You know you’re going to die, the goats know you’re going to die, but no one knows when you’re going to die, or how many goats you’ll take with you!  Survive long enough and you’ll level up, earn in game currency and unlock dramatic backstories and powerful upgrades for your heroes to use in their continued quest to quell the infuriated invaders!