The Lakota Tribe of North America speak of the revered Wakį́yą, or Thunderbird. A legendary creature that can summon storms with a wing beat.


Cariad is a personal project dedicated to my beautiful wife and the amazing journey we have had over the last 12 years.

High School Live Soundtrack

It is with great pleasure that I present the original soundtrack for the high school sports YouTube channel, ‘High School Live’.

Online Music Lessons for Primary Students

I have uploaded another round of primary/elementary online music lessons in a bid to prevent lockdown from impeding our children’s creative experiences.

Black the Fall Soundtrack

Evermoon Music studio is proud to announce further musical developments in Sand Sailor Studio’s dark and sinister video game Black the Fall.

Angry Goats Soundtrack

Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Mad Reactor in order to develop the soundtrack for the thrilling, action packed mobile game Angry Goats.

Siege Warfare

Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Iron Maul Entertainment for a kick-starter campaign to further develop the collectible card game Siege Warfare.

Magiclicious Soundtrack

Magiclicious is a show that fuses both magic and food; presenting viewers with entertaining spins on original recipes.

Devon Life Magazine – January 2016

I recently discussed my musical adventures with Devon Life magazine who were kind enough to publish my thoughts in their January 2016 edition.

Dan Abelow – Expandiverse

It is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of a very special project created in conjunction with American inventor, technology consultant, speaker and author Dan Abelow.