Examples of composition, production, song writing and sound design for movies, adverts, backing tracks, television shows, video games and more. All content belongs to Ewen Sinclair or respective clients.

Demo Compendium I

Demo Compendium I is a collection of cross genre composition demos that summarise Ewen Sinclair’s creative output.

Video Games I

A collection of video game soundtracks composed and produced by Ewen Sinclair.

Cinematic I

Cinematic composition demos for movies and trailers.

Songs and Backing I

Songs and backing tracks from a huge range of styles.

Chamber and Orchestral I

A collection of chamber and orchestral demos ranging from epic ensembles to reflective solo pieces.

Jingles and Adverts I

If you are looking for music for stings, jingles and adverts you can find Evermoon Music Studio’s demos here.

Children’s Media I

Compositions for Children’s Media I features music written for children’s TV shows, movies, apps and more.

Ambience I

Ambience I features immersive, composite sound design demos in a range of styles.

Lyrics and Words I

Lyrics and Words I contains samples of lyrical material written by Ewen Sinclair.