Portfolios, demos and excerpts spanning composition, lyric writing and sound design. All content belongs to Ewen Sinclair or respective clients.

Demo Compendium I

Demo Compendium I is a collection of cross genre composition demos that summarise Ewen Sinclair’s creative output.

Video Games I

A collection of video game soundtracks composed and produced by Ewen Sinclair.

Cinematic I

Cinematic composition demos for movies and trailers.

TV Shows I

TV Shows I contains a selection of music composed by Ewen Sinclair for a wide variety of television shows.

Songs and Backing I

Songs and backing tracks from a huge range of styles.

Chamber and Orchestral I

A collection of chamber and orchestral demos ranging from epic ensembles to reflective solo pieces.

Jingles and Adverts I

If you are looking for music for stings, jingles and adverts you can find Evermoon Music Studio’s demos here.

Children’s Media I

Compositions for Children’s Media I features music written for children’s TV shows, movies, apps and more.

Ambience I

Ambience I features immersive, composite sound design demos in a range of styles.

Lyrics and Words I

Lyrics and Words I contains samples of lyrical material written by Ewen Sinclair.