Creativity in Context – A Student Driven Music Curriculum

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the FREE music curriculum: Creativity in Context – A Student Driven Music Curriculum. This music curriculum features an efficiently assessed, skills-based, progressive framework that also empowers student ownership and creativity. Download the latest version here: Creativity in Context 2.1 or find older versions at the bottom of the page.

“Music education should inspire enthusiasm and confidence by ensuring that creativity, inclusion, and student ownership are relentlessly facilitated.”

The aims of the music curriculum

  • To embed a logical progression of musical skills with a view to mastery: Creativity in Context is a progressive, skills-based curriculum that runs from year 1 (KG2) through to year 9 (grade 8). Each year group explores singing, playing, improvising, composing, and communicating. Each core skill is revisited and applied in practical contexts so that mastery flourishes and students can draw upon past skills as they progress through school.
  • To encourage creativity via explorative, student led projects: Core skills are explored in stand-alone lessons at first, then used creatively in the context of practical, student led projects. Project specific knowledge and theory are explored in context while core skills continue to be assessed organically. Since core skills are the assessment focus, students feel free to lead their projects through infinite possibilities.
  • To promote inclusion via cognitive hierarchy: Every lesson features a four-step process inspired by language acquisition that super charges differentiation. We work through internalising, building, applying (the completed LO) and innovating all learning objectives to ensure that lessons are both inclusive and limitless. Each session features a single PowerPoint slide that highlights the LO and steps to success while presenting a toolbox that enables understanding in a myriad of different ways.
  • To enable concise assessments in a creative subject: The Creativity in Context assessment tracker enables you to efficiently record skill-based data from the outset. The tracker will auto-calculate levels and make an attainment forecast based upon CAT scores or previous student data. Furthermore, the tracker uses core skill averages to calculate grades resulting in a concise picture of individual student strengths and interests without relying upon tests or the ambiguity of levelling performances.
  • To ensure that every element of music lesson is delivered musically: Modelling plays a huge role in Creativity in Context especially during the lesson introduction. If you are not confident with this, each slide provides materials in the toolbox that will accomplish that job for you. Creativity in context harnesses a simple yet highly effective technology-based feedback system that revolves around the use of video and audio recordings.

Included in the download

  • A READ ME handbook to get you started. Detailed explanations of the curriculum and all files included.
  • PowerPoint templates for both core skills and project slides. Use these to create your own schemes of work.
  • 9 PowerPoint files covering every core skill across all grades.
  • 7 A3 Working wall displays (PDF and editable Word versions) covering everything from rhythm to vocabulary.
  • 4 Quick reference cards covering all core skills and lesson maps.
  • A powerful Excel based assessment tracker.

Version History, Notes and downloads

Creativity in Context 2.1

  • Enhanced challenge level of KS1 core skill goals after reflection and moderation.
  • Compressed the core skills disciplines from 9 down to 5 to facilitate mastery.
  • Core skills are now taken at the start of the year and not spread out across terms.
  • Huge design changes to provide more continuity and remove issues regarding projector contrast.
  • Rhythm screening did not correlate well across grade groups. Rhythm is now the focus of improvisation.
  • The assessment tracker now features all core skills on one page. Hover over to reveal all of the steps to success!
  • File sizes have been compressed and zipped for panic free downloading.
  • Keyboard animations now replace many of the videos so that students can see what keys are being used.

Creativity in Context 1.1

  • 9 Core skill areas more suited to schools that devote more time to music.
  • Features videos that model the steps to success.
  • KS1 challenge level is a little low (this fuelled the development of version 2.1).

I hope that this music curriculum supercharges your musical pedagogy. Thank you for downloading and supporting If you are seeking resources to help with distance learning due to Covid-19 restrictions, please explore my lockdown lessons.