Dan Abelow – Expandiverse

It is with great pleasure that I announce the completion of a very special project created in conjunction with American inventor, technology consultant, speaker and author Dan Abelow.

Dan recently founded the Expandiverse – a vision for a people first digital Earth with roots in new technology and innovative services. The key insight came in 2007, with Dan Abelow’s realisation that from our beginning, humanity has known only physical reality: the only world is the physical world in front of us.

Dan Abelow concluded that it is inevitable that our known world will expand. The constant use of digital devices, screens and technologies will produce a new Digital Earth that stands next to physical reality. Always on, always in use, this will include continuous shared planetary life spaces with everyone everywhere they choose to be, enjoying continuous worldwide connections of many types, in multiple presences with Active Knowledge and the world’s best digital resources.

Other key insights included the potential impact: A Digital Earth might outgrow the physical world’s ceilings, so everyone could achieve and rise to the top of society. There are historic parallels. Before the industrial revolution the world’s wealthy lived poorer lives than many in today’s middle class. Similarly, could today’s greatness become average on a Digital Earth?

Digital Earth’s pyramid might invert, with most people at the top of society instead of at the bottom. If this new level of achievement could grow markets by multiples instead of small percentages, tomorrow’s leading companies would earn enormous benefits and profits too. That would put a premium on becoming a leading company that enables tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

Now that the IP is developed and the first patent will be in force until 2033, the inventor has a new goal. To help companies gain competitive advantages and market leadership by transforming the world into a more powerful Digital Earth — the Expandiverse.

In founding and inventing Expandiverse Technology and Digital Earth Architecture Dan required original music to accompany a series of videos that revolved around dodging digital downfall, leading a digital earth and commanding the economy.

Detailed information regarding the innovation that is the Expandiverse as well as the videos featuring my music can be found at expandiverse.com and digitalearth2025.com.