Musical Playground

I have created a musical playground (an interactive image teeming with links) through which students can access a myriad of musical starting points while working from home. This may be of benefit to you if you need to provide extension students with extra activities or if you simply want your students to have some fun! Your musical playground may also be of use if you need a permanent home through which students can find regularly used e-resources such as Music Lab.

You can download the PDF and editable PowerPoint versions for free here.

Feel free to edit each link to suit your needs. The current links forward you to these places:

  • The guitar, keyboard and bass guitar lead you to their respective virtual instruments.
  • The monitor screen leads you to my complete lockdown lesson series from term 3, 2020.
  • The speaker cones lead you to YouTube music videos. You can fill all 6 with relevant musical examples.
  • The trio of rack mounted units leads you to virtual synthesisers and sequencers.
  • The collection of images in the centre lead to exploratory musical experiences including a vocabulary list.
  • The clock leads you to Music Lab – Rhythm.