Our Musical Adventure!

Our Musical Adventure! promotes imagination and enthusiasm while generating a lesson structure that benefits both educators and students alike.

The metaphorical adventure consists of 6 teacher triggered slides that represent different sections of a music lesson. Every slide is accompanied by a custom musical jingle that serves to orientate students. After selecting the format that works best for your learning environment, the slides introduce sections of the lesson musically and provide the lesson with an interactive story board. The word version provided can be fully edited to suit your needs and the audio files and a sample lesson plan are also provided in this package.

The 6 slides represent the following:

Our musical adventure is an introductory slide that sets the scene. It is used to show the path that the students must take to receive the treasure or class reward.

-Prepare for the adventure provides an opportunity for some quick fire musical skills that relate to the whole lesson or unit. You may take this opportunity to initiate a call and response or imitation session featuring rhythms or elements contained in the core content of the lesson. Alternatively you could allow students to listen to relevant music or follow your directions as you lead movements.

-Where are we going? allows students to reflect upon the goals of the lesson. The visual accompaniment clearly shows something shining at the top of a mountain and highlights a metaphorical journey of discovery in which students work hard to find their way to the top. During this section the focus or objective of the lesson is introduced, modelled and openly discussed.

-Choose your path is the most extensive section of the lesson and contains the core lesson content. I usually encourage students to explore the content in their own way and guide them towards success via creativity.

-Camp and reflect presents a chance for students to perform, discuss and justify their ideas regarding the core lesson content. Teacher, peer and student assessment would typically occur during this phase of the lesson.

-We made it! provides a chance to reward students for their hard work. I often discuss the next steps in exploration during this section and present the class reward.

I hope that your students enjoy using Our Musical Adventure!

For more detailed information and the opportunity to download Our Musical Adventure! for free please visit this link.