Rhythm Workout 1

Rhythm Workout 1 was created to improve the rhythm, listening skills and sight reading of students from the age of 3 to 7.

The interactive PowerPoint presentation provides the user with 15 age relevant rhythms that feature single bars, double bars, crotchets (quarters), paired quavers (eighths) and crotchet rests. Each example can be played as a call and response activity (top left icon for each example) or a play along activity (top right icon for each example).

The benefits of Rhythm Workout one include the following:

-Class teachers who feel that music is not their strongest skill can reliably use this resource with their students.

-Music teachers may use the featured audio to generate many different musical responses from their students such as body percussion, instrument use, movements and pattern alterations.

-Students assimilate the notation that matches each audio example which greatly aids sight reading.

-Every example uses a bass drum and hi-hat in order to bring clarity to the recording and rhythmic pattern.

-The examples vary in difficulty and match the rhythmic standards commonly found in Orff pedagogy.

Rhythm Workout 1 can be found (for free of course!) at this link.

hope you enjoy using this free resource!