Siege Warfare

Evermoon Music Studio has teamed up with Iron Maul Entertainment for a kick-starter campaign to further develop the collectible card game Siege Warfare. The trailer produced for the release features original music by Evermoon Music Studio and includes ancient Persian and Grecian instruments set against a modern orchestral backdrop.


You are a battle hardened general. Your mission is to take the field of your enemy and leave them scattered in ruins. Destroy their fortifications, raze their farmlands to ash, and keep your soldiers alive. Your victory is assured!

Siege Warfare is a Customizable Card Game. 2 to 6 Players take turns building their economy, raising an army, and attacking their enemy. The game play is easy to learn, but the rich strategy available in Siege Warfare will keep you coming back for more.

Additionally, we have maintained a high standard of accurate historical representation. Card names, abilities, and quotes in Siege Warfare are directly taken from factual accounts! Alhough this game requires no knowledge of history to play, by playing Siege Warfare you can have fun and learn history at the same time.

The game and accompanying music can be found at and you can support the game’s development at