A Warm Welcome from Ewen Sinclair

Ewen SinclairEwen Sinclair is a passionate composer, song writer, sound designer and music educator to whom creativity and communication are of great importance. He has composed and produced music for countless settings; ensuring that every vision is brought to life with unique, imaginative music.

Ewen Sinclair is eager to be involved in your project as as a composer, songwriter, and/or sound designer. Please read the information found below and contact him if you wish to discuss your concept further.

All sounds and music feature unlimited revisions and instrumentation, professional production and a full license regardless of duration, genre or complexity.

Ewen Sinclair truly looks forward to working with you and thanks you for exploring the world of Evermoon Music Studio!

Do you need unique, original music?


Ewen Sinclair’s enthusiasm for the creation of music is evident in every note that he produces. As a composer he will immerse himself in your vision via meaningful communication and a desire to learn everything he can about your ideas and themes. Whether you need music for a movie, advert, television show, video game or personal project; Ewen Sinclair will enhance your project with unique, thought provoking music that evolves in tandem with your vision. Hear examples on the composition page or get your project started on the contact page.

Do you need lyrics or original backing tracks?

Song Writing

Ewen Sinclair prides himself on being a versatile song writer who is able to professionally produce songs in a myriad of styles. He is able to recreate a popular genre of your choice or write something unique if originality is what you seek. Ewen Sinclair draws upon colourful past experiences, linguistic techniques and deep emotion in order to write lyrics that are ever meaningful. Hear and read examples on the song writing and lyrics page or get your project started on the contact page.

Do you need SFX or ambiences?

Sound Design

Intrigued by the raw elements of sound and the emotion influencing effects of ambient noise, Ewen Sinclair delights in creating unique sound effects and ambiences for any project. By looking at sound design in an exploratory manner, he strives to create sounds that strike a chord with familiarity but also leave the audience feeling as if they have experienced something unique and addictive. Hear examples on the sound design page or get your project started on the contact page.